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Writing about oneself can be a daunting task.

Do I write about what I’ve done and where I’ve been?

Do I talk about what I’m doing and where I’m going?

How about my desires, passions, interests, and callings? Should I tell about what brought me to the decision of celibacy—a lifetime of distracting relationships?

No …

Maybe I should stick with the good ol’ stats?


My name is Emily Rose.

I’m thirty-one.


In thirty plus years I’ve gone from rolling and squirming, to crawling and flopping, to walking and dancing, to spiritually soaring.

Does that sound as cheesy as I think it does?

But seriously, living life with nothing short of exhaustive passion has led me to where I find myself now—writing to you, about me.

The fact is, without you, I barely think there would be a “me.”

Not just in the metaphorical sense—like if a girl writes on a blog and no one is there to read it, does she even make a peep?

No … More in the symbiotic sense—like, without you, I would have no reflection of myself. My growth would be stunted without the simple offering you provide by existing and engaging by reading and watching. By being here, now, absorbing this text, you are enabling me to see deep within myself, explore the unknown regions, and report back my findings, in hopes of perpetuating the cycle of self-exploration, and spreading the seeking of elevated consciousness.

Okay, yeah, I hear it. Cheesy all over again.

So is that what I’m all about? Cheese?

I used to be but I forfeited it over a year ago.

So no.

Not cheese.

But hummm …

Perhaps you?

Yes. That’s it!

I’m all about YOU.

Sure I wear the name Emily Rose, and I come wrapped in a petite package, sprinkled with smiles and the occasional teardrop.

But overall, it is my unbridled desire to help make a positive change in the human species, which will help make a positive change for all living creatures, as well as our gracious host, Mother Earth.

It is that passion that brings me to expose the lessons I’ve learned, publicly process the life experiences that I currently stew in and wade through, and open-heartedly anticipate the relationships to come that will inevitably continue to shape and mold the ever-changing, temporarily celibate me.

It is also that passion that drives me as a healer. Through this site I offer a variety of therapeutic services which can be explored HERE.

So to you—my inspiration—I am in gratitude, for without you, the world would be a very different place. And personally, I love the world for all that it is at this very moment.

Welcome to 365 Days of Celibacy—an exploration of self, humanity, divine love, spirituality, relationships, and oneness.


P.S.- The amazing photographs in the slider on the homepage are by Shannon Rosan. Needed to give that gal a shout-out. She’s just too good.