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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Attachment, Celibacy, Commitment, Distractions, Lessons, Life, Love, Video Blog | 0 comments

Day 1- The Beginning

What prompted this project?






  1. Day 81- My Voice is Cracking | 365 Days Of Celibacy - [...] became quite apparent just how much has shifted since the start of the [...]
  2. Day 148- Gifts and Lessons | 365 Days Of Celibacy - [...] four months of zero contact, there he [...]
  3. Day 166- Let’s Amplify the Love Together | 365 Days Of Celibacy - [...] who’ve watched Day 1¬†know that my man and I broke up because he was depressed, and being in our…
  4. Day 261- Business Orgasm - 365 Days Of Celibacy - [...] not to say I haven’t worked by butt off before, or that things (like randomly starting a celibacy video…

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