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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Don't Bother, Food, Life | 0 comments

Day 123-

Day 123-

It’s the eve of New Year’s Eve!

From the little things to the big ones, today was fabulous. I feel I had a high productivity rate today, while staying sensitive to what I felt called to do with my time.

My day began with a fulfilling breakfast and a tad bit of editing Suicidal ButterfliesIt moved on to a lovely tea ceremony with a beautiful new friend, then a completely kick-ass yoga class, which my body (and mind … and spirit) so needed.

I returned home and made a delicious meal, utilizing lots of veggies and quinoa, curry, coconut oil, and mega spices. The outcome was ridiculously good. Like, if I did’t cut myself off I’d be way too full, kinda good.

I spent the evening compiling the images that will tell a sliver of the story of Suicidal Butterflies for the crowd-funding video I’m assembling.

Yes, that is vague, but I’d like to save it as a topic of conversation until it’s official release. Suffice it to say, I’ve very excited. My actors did an amazing job, and the whole thing looks GREAT!

Next step—voice over. As much as I’d like to use some dude with a British accent or something, I think stumbling across a voice-actor in the next few days is a slim shot. And since I’m such a nerd, I definitely recited the script to myself a few times in a variety of accents—British, Australian, Irish, and eventually ended up in a Southern drawl. I made myself laugh. Always fun. Secretly—um, or not secretly—I wish I could use an accent while doing a voice over. But how tacky is that? It’s just so much more fun to listen to stories told with accents. Wouldn’t ya say?

Okay, I’m obviously tired. Going to bed. Sleepy time. Cali and I send …





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