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Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 in Celibacy, Connection, Distractions, Lessons, Life, Love, New Sex, Presence, Spirituality | 0 comments

Day 135- The Spirit Molecule

Day 135- The Spirit Molecule

Having just watched DMT: The Spirit MoleculeI feel grateful to have had my own experience with Ayahuasca in which to recall and relish in the memories of the journey. I experienced a level of connection to everything, translated as feelings of having no idea who or where I was, because even though I was “Emily Rose,” I was ALL. The movement from body to spirit that is experienced through that potent medicine is powerful. It calls for humbleness just to partake, and when approached with wonder, it will change one’s life.

It wasn’t long into the documentary that I caught my mind drawing a parallel between recreational drug use and recreational sex use.

Most of us have heard how people use drugs and alcohol as a means of escaping—whether from depression, anxiety, or reality itself—and that sex can be used in the same way.

But there seems to be a large gap between the extremes of recreational use and deep spiritual practice. And the true power held by these potentially healing medicines is muted in the face of abuse.

Those who’ve been reading my writings over the last few weeks know that I’ve been on a quest to dive deeper into my own sexuality through intimacy, seeking what I’ve termed, “spiritual sexuality.” In uniting my spiritual and physical chakras through the heart chakra, and becoming present through trust and Universal Love, I’ve just begun to experience spirituality through sexuality.

I believe our physical bodies are meant to connect with spirit through sexuality, as many ancient cultures were aware of.

But in this culture, we are very disconnected with spirit in general, and especially through sexuality, as seen with the rampant use of pornography. In this culture, when we have intercourse, we do so with our physical bodies, and if we happen to have an experience of heightened awareness in that state, it’s a seemingly random event. Of course this is not the case for everyone, and there are many people exploring sexuality on spiritual levels. But as a general culture, we remain disconnected from each other, from ourselves, and from anything beyond our five senses.

We use substances to reconnect with ourselves, just as we use sex to reconnect with others.

But what I’m observing is the lack of history and guidance we’re receiving when we’re taught about these methods of reconnection.

Our culture’s elders are just as wrapped up in the state of separation as most of our population is today. So when it’s time for a young adult to learn about sex, marijuana, and psychedelics, they’re schooled by people who only know what their life-experiences have taught them, which again is largely centered around disconnection—or at least a mutated version of love.

Without the foundation of spiritual connection, sexuality and psychedelics are experienced as weak methods of unification.

The true power of these paralleled portals can only be fully accessed if the participant is at peace with themselves and aware of their connection with Divinity.

I personally feel like I’ve forfeited sex because I no longer want to be left unsatisfied—emotionally, physically, mentally … but mostly spiritually.

I know if I indulge in intercourse, my old conditioning will creep up, and my mind will be lost to my body, and spirit lost to both.

So I abstain, and practice slow incorporation of the holy trinity through which I experience this existence.

As I crawl towards integration, I witness my level of connectivity, and when I feel detaching, I stop.

A mere orgasm is not worth momentarily forgetting connection with the Divine. So I will withhold climax until it is WITH the Divine.





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