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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Attachment, Life | 7 comments

Day 179- Something for Everything

Day 179- Something for Everything

With this blog post, I’d like to ask a simple question, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d answer below.

If you (along with everyone else) had the option to give up all your money and property, and in return would get to share ALL money and property with everyone else, would you do it?

In other words, if you could give up everything you own, but then step into owning everything yet nothing, would you do it?

Please share your answer below.

I’d love to hear your response!


A clarification:

The question promotes the idea that if we all gave up ownership to share in everything, we’d all be taken care of. But people are so attached to owning their own things, that very few individuals walk this Earth consciously forfeiting ownership to material wealth.
If the answer seems like an obvious YES, then please say so. Let’s see how many people would so willingly give up everything they have claim to, just to share in everything with everything, therefore leading to owning everything, yet nothing.





  1. Yes!!! Without hesitation. This type of society will eliminate greed, as money wouldn’t need to exist. What is there to buy if we already have everything? It will eliminate jealousy as there would be nothing to be jealous of. It would unite the world, creating a unified society where the common good is at interest, as there is no such thing as ‘personal’ achievements, other than growth as a human being. There is an abundance of resources that this earth provides, that can support every one of its inhabitants. This system would give the proper access of resources to everyone, not just the affluent. It will allow us to focus on what really is important in life, rather than supporting the system that fuels the downward spiral of societal greed. Without greed we would become a peaceful world, with happiness and love at its core, which is exactly what we need. :) This maybe an easier concept for me to subscribe to, as I do not own much. I can see the self-made wealthy 1% of our world having a hard time letting go of their “personal achievements” and distributing them out to the world. But who knows, maybe they just need to drink a love potion 😉

    • Donono, You are AMAZING. Everything you said – YES! I think you’re words are the love potion and through them you’re dousing everyone. LOVE IT. And love YOU! <3

  2. I would have to answer this question with a resounding, “Yes!” I can’t think of any unselfish reasons why I would not want to benefit everyone else by choosing to relinquish my own personal items. I will still get to use the items I want, and then some. Reasons I can think of to Not make that choice include: jealousy, a desire to feel superior through ownership, perhaps lack of privacy in watching TV at home in your living room, care and respect of the items. IDK, I’m reaching.

    These past couple of years I have examined how attachment imposes limits on ourselves; release of attachments, letting go, is freedom! For example, if I want to keep my car, the decisions I make in life are limited to those choices that don’t cause me to lose my car. Thus, there may be desires I have that I fail to consider for fear of loss of a material object. Western society has placed much stock in “things” that we acquire, money, cars, homes, jewelry, nice clothing, etc. Those things are nice, but without a healthy mind or a healthy soul, they are worthless. Without the freedom to enjoy them, they are worthless. What good is having a home if you have to spend all of your time away from it trying to earn enough money to keep it? It’s desirability depreciates with every loss of freedom of choices in order to keep it.

    Sharing is caring…and caring is happiness. I choose happiness!

    • Noah, I like what you said about lacking in privacy to watch TV at home. And of course I LOVE what you said about how attachment to possessions traps us and binds us to our things.
      Where I am going with this question is the idea that if we ALL gave everything up, then there would be enough for everyone to have a little bit (or perhaps more). Therefore, I don’t believe we’d have to give up privacy. By everyone (including the ultimately wealthy) giving up everything and throwing into one big happy pile, there’d be enough for each of us to cover our basic needs.
      I think the power is in the inquiry, and what it eludes to. The solution is complex, but the sentiment is strong. I believe if we focus on the goal of true equality, we are more likely to see a shift in that direction. But it takes more than just a few of us opening our minds to these possibilities. Thank you for entertaining this thought! Much love to you, my dear. <3

  3. I’m honestly not sure. I love the idea of something like this but remain very guarded in whom I share my most valued possessions with. Just for clarification, my “most valued possessions” are not material things but my emotions, love, sympathy, empathy, and ability to care for others.
    So, yes I would be willing to do this but it would depend on who else is involved.

    • Melgandy, EVERYONE would be involved. It would create a breaking down of emotions, tearing open ourselves and becoming raw with one another—with material possessions as well as LOVE! It would unite through peace, abundance, and gratitude. If I’ve learned anything over time, the more love you give, the more you open yourself up to receive. But boy oh boy do I understand staying guarded. Sometimes it takes a pick-axe just to get in, but it is so worth breaking down those barriers. Love to you, Melgandy. <3

  4. Definitely a yes. I accepted the fact, years ago, that I’ll probably never be wealthy. Largely because I tend to give things, and money, away. Having something is nice but sharing something is even better. Follow that out and it seems like sharing everything is pretty much as good as it gets.

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