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Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Attachment, Business, Change, Connection, Distractions, Lessons, Life, Presence, Technology | 0 comments

Day 223- Digital Disconnection

Day 223- Digital Disconnection

In 2009 I rid myself of many material possession, stuck the rest in storage, stuffed a backpack and headed out on an adventure that would last over two years.

One of my primary reasons for traveling was to let go of clock-time. After being so immersed in schedules, dates, and deadlines, I wanted to wake up when my body told me to, eat when I was hungry, and learn to forget what day, date, and hour it was. I wanted to come back to the NOW.

I’m happy to say I very much achieved that goal. For many years I was without attachment to communications and the digital world—I was purged of the constraining clock.

This weekend, as I returned to the familiar place of no phone, completely removed from the digital world (Harbin Hot Springs does not allow cell phone use and has shoddy internet connection), I was surprised at how difficult it was for me to let go, and how involved I currently am in the rigid structure of our society and it’s dependence on the clock. I would go so far as to say I’ve become addicted to responsibility—to being “busy.” With great effort, I was able to train my mind to cease worry about forgetting to block out my calendar dates for my healing services, or whether my mom would get the message to post a snippet on my blog each day I was gone—things I would’ve worked out ahead of time had I known I was stepping into such an unplugged world. After a few deep breaths I laid my trust in the Universe and felt confident that whatever played out was in divine perfection. And upon our return to civilization and cell-phone reception, I discovered that indeed, all was well.

It’s been difficult for me to dive back into daily emails, facebook babble, work, and the vast life that sits behind a brightly lit screen. I’ve rediscovered my desire to let go of being plugged in. It was super fun for a while now, but I look forward to being in the space where I can again step away for periods of time and concern myself only with time that comes in periods—not minutes, hours, or days.

Ideally, I will learn how to stay in a state of non-attachment to time while immersed in this society. I suppose a deep meditation on awareness and a moment to moment practice of presence will help with that transition.

Have you faced similar thoughts? Do you have any insightful tips on how to not be a slave to the clock and maintain presence throughout a “busy” day? If so, please share below!





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