365 Days Of Celibacy
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Day 231- Reigniting My Fire

The morning I re-encountered my lovely partner, I'd submitted to the understanding that in order to walk my path with fervor and passion, I would have to do so alone—single. Literally moments later, I ran into my lover. We then reconnected and have been together ever since. On Night 161 I reconciled that this was the Universe's way of challenging me into redefining how and who I am within and without romantic relationships. As of last night, I realized one thing I do differently when outside relationship. I pray on my knees. When a lover is next to me, I pray laying down. The discrepancy may not seem like much to most, but to me, it most definitely is. The first time I prayed on my knees, I was transformed from believing that there is no "God" to fully knowing with every cell of my being that, in fact, there is a Higher Power out there. Since then, I've prayed on my knees each night and nearly every morning. It baffles me now, but for some reason I've felt embarrassed to pray on my knees in front of others. That is, until last night, when I realized just what I'd been sacrificing.  So, last night, I prayed on my knees. Floods of information downloaded, and I became aware that the absence of this act has been keeping me that much further from my self, and from the fire for life I so often feel when single. I felt my independence and strength return, and by the time I finished, I felt wholly "me."  Today I feel the fire of life burning deep within. And tonight I have my 5-Rhythms class. I just can't wait to see what that brings. LOVE TO ALL
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