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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Change, Lessons, Life, Presence, Spirituality, Truths, Yoga and Dance Epiphanies | 0 comments

Day 232- Fifth Chakra Realization

Day 232- Fifth Chakra Realization

For so many years I’ve been aware of a blockage in my fifth chakra.

The fifth chakra, as explained exactly 100 days ago, governs the throat, mouth, nose, and ear region.

It is largely accepted that when there is a blockage in the fifth chakra, one is either not “speaking their truth,” holding something back, or saying too much. Basically, people associate the fifth chakra with speech and expression.

So for probably something close to ten years, I’ve worked with that understanding, at times desperate to move that blocked energy through and clear the chakra. To do so I’ve dug deep down to find “my truth” and speak it. I’ve become impeccable with my words. I’ve watched my tongue and learned when to speak and when not to speak. Yet the energy in my fifth chakra has remained sticky.

It wasn’t until last night that I came to realize something about the fifth chakra itself.

I believe in attempting to make sense of these super-sensory, inter-dimensional energies, we label and designate and wrap our minds around that which cannot be enveloped. In doing so, sometimes we miss the obvious.

My mind talks a lot. There are times I am conscious of the babble and there are times I forget and simply let it ramble. I’m grateful that the voice in my head is nice to me, for the most part, but I am aware that my journey is to consistently stay present with the nearly audible jabber coming from my skull.

Over the past few weeks when I sit to meditate, I’ve noticed my throat.

I can relax my whole body, and when my mind chimes in, my throat contracts as the back of my tongue depresses.

When I silence my mind and the voice in my head ceases its restless banter, my throat and tongue relax.

I became aware that my tongue is poised to speak when my mind is making noise. But as my mind becomes quiet, so does my body.

Last night, the puzzle pieces fell into place and I realized that my fifth chakra blockage does not have to do with speech or expression, but with my busy mind.

I can clear my fifth chakra by clearing my mind.

In which chakras do you experience blockages? What do you do to help move the energy though? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!





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