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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Attachment, Change, Commitment, Lessons, Life, Monogamy | 0 comments

Day 276- Sweet Units

Day 276- Sweet Units

Today I go from officially living sola (with CaliCat, of course) to officially living with my partner. I say “officially” because he’s been staying over every night for the past three or more months, but as of today, he’s actually moving in.

Human adaptation is so interesting. I became to used to having him here all the time, but also having my space laid out the way I’ve arranged it. My stuff fills the space well, so actually having to unload and rearrange is evoking an emotional response.

Although I’ve let go of attachment to much in my life, I find myself comforted by the atmosphere I created on my own.

I suppose what I find so interesting about all this is that I invited it in.

want my love to live with me. Cali and I love having him here, so we were happy to open up our space to him. Granted we’re giving it a two month trial, just in case we find out we’re not ready for this, but nonetheless, things are changing.

And that’s what it all comes down to.

Ah, that familiar old topic—change. It’s so uncomfortable yet it’s the only thing that is guaranteed in life.

Even though I’m experiencing the discomfort of letting go of my single-unit space, I am welcoming the transition into a partnership with shared space.

This letting go lends itself toward healing the lingering, deeply imbedded desire for control, and allows me the opportunity to embrace the flow.

I am open to making the space that I once identified as, “mine” into “ours.”

I am open to seeing what comes of entangling belongings and energetic fields even further, knowing it is all by choice.

I am open to relinquishing ownership and welcoming a new inhabitant, with ways that are different than mine.

I am open to saying goodbye to what was, so that I may embrace what is.

The illusion is bittersweet, and so real I can almost taste it. But in fact, it’s all so perfect I trust what is. And that, indeed, is sweet.






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