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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Business, Life | 0 comments

Day 297-

Day 297-

Well, at long last I am launching the first phase of development of the CHICO CHICA clothing line, as can be seen here on the new facebook page. Woohoo! Come “like” it and support me!

Today has been full of work—a whopping 12 hours of screen-staring.

Obviously, I’m not inclined to stay in front of the screen much longer, but I wanted to share with you the new line of Chico, California representing clothes. The website is still under development, but there’s more to come very soon.

Of course, if you love it and you want a tank, hit me up. The line will expand as the budget does, so be sure to be checking in and staying tuned for the e-commerce site and CHICO CHICO line for men!

Until then, whether you’re in Chico or far from this sunny Northern California location, I’m still sending ya …






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