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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Change, Connection, Family, Life, Sisterhood | 0 comments

Day 305- Help Send the Herbolds to Hollywood!

Day 305- Help Send the Herbolds to Hollywood!

I feel blissfully exhausted.

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve helped my dear friends (of which I’ve spoken before) raise funds for their upcoming move to Long Beach, California by helping throw a yard sale where all proceeds went to their move.

Jenney Herbold (a.k.a. Jennifer McAfee) is an extremely talented actress. But rather than being what one may think of when an actress moves to pursue her career in Hollywood—a 20-something, wide-eyed girl in search of fame and fortune—this stunning mother of two, and her darling husband, are moving to pursue Jenney’s life-long dream and ultimate passion for taking her acting to the big screen. This means Chico must forfeit an integral couple in our tightly knit chosen friend-family, in order to support Jenney’s higher calling—a bittersweet farewell, indeed.

In order to help as much as possible, a few of us friends set up an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for their actual move.

It would be a blessing if you chose to assist this incredible family and extremely talented actress make their dreams a reality, and donate to the cause.

So check out the page, read my essay on how awesome this family is, and pitch in. I would personally appreciate any contribution gifted to these fine folks which funneled through from this blog.

For now, after only three hours of sleep last night, a morning that started in the 6 a.m. region, and 14 hours on my feet working and socializing, this girl is going to bed.






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