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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Food, Life | 0 comments

Day 317- Tripping In

Holy crap.

This trip is amazing.

My love and I decided not to plan a place to stay for tonight, and instead attempt to make it to a “first-come first-serve” beachside campground North of Arcata. But we knew to trust the flow, and to just enjoy ourselves along the way. We also were prepared to stay at a different type of accommodation, if need be.

Our morning began late.

Typically when sleeping in a tent (especially with a rain fly) I wake early, due to the heat. But seeing as we were sleeping on the Northern coast of California at MacKerricher State Park, the air was chill and I slept in.

Almost immediately after rising, we walked to the beach. It’s pleasant to be greeted first thing by sea lions, coastal squirrels, plovers, cormorants, gulls, and other awesome birds. We played in tide pools and walked through meadows. It was incredible.

At the hour of check-out, we indulged ourselves with hot showers—truly a luxury “camping” experience.

Having been recommended a breakfast spot, we made our way into Fort Bragg. The food was mediocre, but across the street was an internet café, and let’s just say, although I’m touring the coast, I’m still “plorking” hard.

The internet café was so much more than what we expected to find. Inside lay a raw food culinary school, marketplace, and deli. I hopped online, and my man wandered about. He returned to report that we definitely should’ve eaten there. So after my meeting, we bought a bunch of raw treats (berry cheesecake bites, tiramisu, and lemon bar) and left town.

I called our desired destination just to find it filling up fast, and we were five hours away.

We decided to stay at a hotel, and just make our way up north in a leisurely manner.

So here we are, at a Best Western in Arcata, in a unit that is known as an “apartment.” It has brand new carpets, couches, two flat-screen TVs, a full kitchen, etc. It’s quite luxurious, especially for the price. We also foraged in the co-op and grabbed homemade pasta, marinara, a bottle of Beaver Creek organic Petite Syrah, Humboldt Fog cheese, and two mini-baguettes.


We are set.

But the best part about this place is that it’s about an hour from the first-come first-serve, Gold Bluff Beachside Campground.


We’re going to head up in the morning and, with luck, grab ourselves a spot.

And luck does indeed seem to be on our/my side. If you want to call it that.

More to come on that topic tomorrow.

I’ve got a story to tell you.

Until then …





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