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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Attachment, Change, Dreams, Lessons, Life, Spirituality | 0 comments

Day 322- Slippery Sorcery

Day 322- Slippery Sorcery

The first night in the tent at Gold Bluffs Beach Campground, I had a dream.

This dream clarified for me the difference between witches/sorcerers/magicians/healers/etc.,  and everyone else.

The few in this world who harness the power of the Universe are able to do so because they are aware of their abilities. Basically, they own their abilities. They believe in them.

These people can do what they do because they know they can do it.

Of course, I’ve “known” this for a long time. In my head, this made sense. Even in creating my reality, I could witness my own capacity for manifestation. But that night, the dream spoke to me, as did Raven Animal Medicine. Very deeply, the dream portrayed to me the ease with which belief can be found. It’s kind of like meditating, or falling asleep. When we try to do it, it’s impossible. But when we let go and allow, the possibilities become endless. Such is our personal power for creation.

We’re creating all the time. Whether we’re aware of it or not is the crux of life.

So since we create readily, and mostly unconsciously, bringing consciousness to creation can liberate us from suffering and deliver us into our dream reality (ahem).

I know I’ve said all this before … or at least I’ve lived all this before.

But the dream really spoke to me, and I came to understand this on a whole new level.

I just wish I had words that could express more thoroughly the newness of the realization. Instead, I believe I’m just saying what I’ve said before. But it still stands. And I suppose that’s the most anyone could do for another.

Pointing towards the path that leads to less suffering is as good as someone else can do for you. It’s your choice to walk down that path, and possibly through it.

The question that came to mind the morning after I awoke from that powerful dream was this:

Am I letting life happen to me, or am I happening to life?

So what say you?

Are you letting life happen to you, or are you happening to life?

Maybe a bit of both?

Dare to share?

I’d love to hear from you!






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