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Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Family, Life | 0 comments

Day 329- What’s In A Name?

Day 329- What’s In A Name?

Pets are funny for so many reasons.

First off, I’ve had the pleasure of staying with two different dogs the past two nights. It’s been great.

I made the observation that I can do to a dog everything I want to do to my cat. You know, like make their head lay on my lap, kiss their faces, snuggle them super hard, and wrestle with them. Okay, maybe I don’t want to wrestle my cat, but everything else I’d love her to love. Instead, I force myself upon her, smooching her tiny nose and kissing her little dome. She’s well, by the way … Having a grand ol’ time with the sitter. Woohoo!

My other reflection just occurred, and I figured it a prudent moment to jot the thought down in hopes of sharing a giggle with you.

Gunner is my beloved’s father’s black lab. And since we’re staying at his place, Gunner is our worthy companion for the remainder of the week. He’s great, and I’m so happy to be sharing his home.

So Gunner and I were just laying on the ground, and I noticed his collar. Of course, for identification purposes, it reads his “full name,” which of course means his first name—the name he goes by—plus the family’s last name.

I reminisced about the many times at the vet the last name “Howard” is placed behind “Cali” and laughed.

And then I noted something interesting: We give our pets such a personality and entity of their own, that we rarely give them our last names. Yet even though we see them as family and may think of them as “ours,” or as our “babies” or whatnot, sticking that last name on them sounds hilarious in its awkwardness.

That is all.






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