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Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Attachment, Commitment, Connection, Expectations, Lessons, Life, Love, Monogamy, Open Relationships | 0 comments

Day 343- Prehistoric Partnership Problems

Day 343- Prehistoric Partnership Problems

Today provided a reprieve from the melancholy state of the past few days.

My love and I saw our therapist this morning—a timely appointment, indeed. Again, this therapist is just incredible.

Like most couples, my sweetheart and I are very different people in different phases of life. So to be working with a therapist who can grasp where we are in our journey as individuals and as a couple is such a blessing.

Both of us gained perspective today, and I walked away inspired.

Yesterday I lamented feeling detached from the “me” I am when single. I expressed my newfound path to reconnect with that girl, and it was proving simpler than anticipated.

Now, I realize the desires I expressed shortly after reuniting with my love are coming to fruition.

I recall wanting to learn how to stay single-minded, joyous, and free within a romantic relationship. But I knew I needed practice, and my best guess was I’d need an open relationship to attain the sense of freedom I sought. I wanted exclusivity, but had no idea how to go about creating it while staying in that bliss-filled state.

Half of a year later, I’m not so much conceptualizing how to stay centered, but rather being thrown into the experience, and doing my best to sort things out.

I recognize that I fell back into old habits and lost myself in the relationship momentarily.

But I don’t want to lose myself again, and I’m going to do everything in my power to remember ME.

I’m starting to notice a wave—a repetitious pattern of emotional habits. The space between each swell is long enough that I can cycle through emotions, and even thoughts. Thank God for this blog so I’m not over here completely re-inventing the wheel …

Gratefully, I’m also noticing my response time to the various triggers I’m encountering, and it’s not so bad.

It seems as though I’m learning.

Perhaps at the pace of a sea turtle, but they’re cool, so that’s okay with me.

Love to the critters in the deep blue sea …







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