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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in Attachment, Connection, Lessons, Life, Self-Acceptance, Spirituality | 0 comments

Day 352- Powerfully Equal

Day 352- Powerfully Equal

As I approached 2013, I channeled my discovery for the year, which was clearly stated to me as “coming into my power.”

In the blog I’ve noted each new realization of what power is, and how it becomes more potent.

Today, I had a lovely epiphany. Like a wave washing over my previous perceptions, I learned of our equality.

The “power” we speak of in our society is an illusion, and re-defining the word itself breaks down the barriers that block our truly powerful nature from shining through.

In fact, not one person is more or less powerful than another. Perhaps the vision is blurred. Perhaps the heart is clogged. But underneath, through, and between the vibrations, the full potential thrives.

To tap into the power, first awareness and then surrender must be activated.

Only by relaxing into the true self can one identify the power which has always been right there, just waiting for enough stillness to be recognized and revered.

By letting go of attachment, following my Heart, and moving toward Oneness, I believed I was going to transform from Princess to Queen.

As it turns out, the Queen is an illusion. So is the King. So are the Gods and Goddesses.

I learned today, the transformation into one’s own power is not some form of evolution to a “higher” way of life; it is the meeting of one’s self in the vast unknown where we all exist without a beginning or an end.

‘Twas a humbling day.






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