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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Change, Conspiracy Craziness, Family, Life, References | 0 comments

Day 57- Thrive: An Examination of the “Duality Enforcers”

Day 57- Thrive: An Examination of the “Duality Enforcers”

Years ago a friend and I collaborated on the beginnings of a documentary that never went past outline form.

But the premise was profound.

We studied the variety of ways in which we are controlled as a peoples, and by identifying basic human needs, we mapped out what one would need to control in order to have power over the whole world.

Well I’m happy to say that the documentary Thrive not only tackles the same concepts my friend and I outlined, but it puts them together in an accessible and easy to digest way.

If you find yourself outraged by the inequalities plaguing the world today, sickened by the disregard for peace and harmony, and repelled by the prioritization of power and greed, I’d recommend watching this movie.

Not only does it do an excellent job at showing the interdependence of the systems set in place to control the masses, but it offers solutions that are simple and straight-forward enough to put into action by each of us, thereby empowering us as individuals, and as a collective.

Of course (as I’ve had to preface a few times now) keep an open mind. A lot of the things I’ve learned over the years, and the topics discussed in this movie specifically, can easily be dubbed “conspiracy theories”—a title I went from rejecting, to cautiously questioning, to thoughtfully considering, to fully embracing as a title of my own.

Yes, I am officially a “conspiracy theorist.”

Do you want to know why?

Because I research.

With enough poking, prodding, and digging, the information one can discover becomes undeniable.

The most powerful defense the elite have is to delegitimize those who exhaustively explore and question the movements and relationships of the powers of the world.

So they call us “conspiracy theorists.”

Well fine, as long as we’re calling each other names, maybe I’ll go ahead and call them, “duality enforcers.”

For all the money and power these high-ups hold, they are still small in number.

The only thing keeping them in charge is their ability to create an image for a standardized “norm.” By making us feel subject to “keeping up with the Joneses” they pit us against each other, thereby keeping us at odds with one another.

It reminds me of something my mom once said to me and my little brother—the statement that ultimately united us as a team, and allowed us to recognize our mutual interests.

When I was around the age of 16, and my brother was about 13, the three of us were in the car. My brother and I were fighting as usual. Likely bored with the monotony of predictable behavior, my mom whipped her head around and sternly told us that the two of us were supposed to be a team fighting against our parents, not each other. A light bulb went off for the both of us, and since that moment we have indeed been a team—friends to the end.

That’s what needs to happen with us—the masses.

Let’s stop picking on each other over the petty shit that doesn’t matter, and band together to fight against the authority.

The big corporations of the world, and the financial systems that back those corporations, and the families that run those banks is where our disapproval should be directed—not at our brothers and sisters, whom desire nothing more than the ability to live happily and healthily during our short time here on Earth.

So let’s unite as a peoples and come together through this brilliant (and only true) form of FREE SPEECH—the Internet.

Let’s make waves by peacefully not participating in the programs that fund those families, banks, and corporations.

Let’s do our best to return our home and our selves to being a healthy organism, free to live from Love and Peace.







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