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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Change, Connection, Conspiracy Craziness, Distractions, Family, Lessons, Life, Spirituality | 0 comments

Day 69- Voting with Love

I will recognize that without what I’ve been calling “distraction” there wouldn’t be much to the dynamic world we live in. And as I’ve said before, distractions, practiced consciously, with intention and balance, are part of what makes this world fabulous to live in.

That being said, I want to identify a current and ENORMOUS distraction we, the people of the United States of America, are currently wrapped up in—the election!

Facebook happens to be a place that provides ample example of people expressing their strong emotions surrounding political opinions and choices. That platform offers a place for people to publicly speak their beliefs.

I think that most people recognize a need for change.

And again, I find myself back at the limitation of verbal language to express specificities in concepts and ideas. Or, perhaps in this instance, the word “change” is being used as an umbrella term, encompassing an endless variety of visions of what needs to be changed, what best ways to make changes, and what the outcome of the universally acknowledged shift should look like.

Last night I wrote that voting is difficult for me personally because of the way I see the world.

Spending my youth actively pursuing a future first in federal law enforcement, then moving towards the career path of prosecution, my passion in life has revolved around the desire for justice and, ultimately, peace.

Those desires have driven my movements since I can remember, and they continue to influence every action I take in this world.

But my perspective on how to best effect change has definitely shifted.

And although I have respect for those in law enforcement whose goals and deepest cares are those of justice and peace, personally, for me, that career path seemed to merely treat the symptoms of the problem, rather than heal the cause.

I began to look at what the many causes were of all this pain in the world, and my focus and attention gradually moved from current political, social, and economic observations, to recognition of the human species as a whole, with concern for our global interdependence on one another.

On Day 60 I talked about how we live in a time where we compartmentalize so many things.

This includes the way we consider our species.

We create geographical borders, as well as physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries from one another. We live in a state of “us versus them” and because of such perspective, we live in duality—as separate entities from one another, rather than a whole, magically integrated unit.

We have fooled ourselves into spending our time and energy on the differing views of our neighbor or co-worker, our sibling or parent, our friend of lover.

We waste our potential to effect positive change by subjecting ourselves to the idea that others around us should be seeing the world through our eyes, and when they don’t we become inflamed and upset.

It is when we are in states of seeing each other as separate from one another that we weaken ourselves as a unit for that very thing we want—change.

At the core of the human experience, the main desire is for happiness. Seriously. No joke. If you research this, you’ll find that people’s desire for material wealth is driven by the fact that they think it will make them happy. People want romance because they think finding the perfect love will make them happy. Humans crave validation because it strokes the ego and offers feelings of temporary happiness.

There are so many ways in which we seek happiness externally, but we fail to notice that which makes us miserable internally.

So today, and especially today, when we are faced with a brother or sister from our own species that has lived a very different life than we have, has experienced things that have shaped their world view into something we do not understand and cannot grasp, and maybe even insists on subjecting us to their perspective—maybe, in the interest of effecting positive change in the world, we can focus on the things that make us similar to one another—no matter how trivial they may be.

We all have a path we’ve walked that has plunked us down into this moment right now.

We all breathe and share airspace on the face of this Earth.

Our hearts beat to a rhythm determined by ?

With passion we walk this Earth. Whether its passion for pain, or for pleasure, for peace, or for hate—passion is what drives us.

Let’s then direct our passion towards that which we’d like to see in the bulk of humanity.

Together, we can make a change. But first, we each must embrace change within ourselves.

Today I will try to remember LOVE when facing opposition.

I promise to witness my learned, unconscious response of seeing something as separate from myself, and then I promise to make my best effort to switch my perspective and instead focus on all the ways in which we are similar—as beings of light and love.

Will you join me in choosing this way of effecting positive change?

By all means, go use your voice, vote, and speak what you feel is in your heart and in your mind.

But let’s not allow these things to distract us from living from our hearts.

Instead, let’s abide the love that drives the desire to change people’s opinions to match our own.

Let’s follow that love, and let it sing in ways that are productive for our species, and all life on Earth.





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