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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Celibacy, Change, Distractions, Food, Life, Presence | 0 comments

Day 73- Cheesy Appreciation

Day 73- Cheesy Appreciation

February first was the last time I ate cheese—that is, until last night.

Before then, cheese and bread comprised most of my intake, next to fruit.

But in February, I forfeited dairy, meat, fish, and gluten.

Recently I’ve given up sex, relationships, marijuana, TV shows, and anything and everything that isn’t serving my highest purpose.

I’m noticing my definition for celibacy is expanding.

So last night, I re-lost my cheese-virginity (if that makes any sense at all), to my favorite—brie with baguette and red wine.

It was then that I realized just how powerful fasting can be.

I’ll say it again, but after laying all of this out, you may very well not believe me:

I am not into self-deprivation.

Not at all.

I chose to change the way I ate after learning about the effects of certain foods on the body. I hadn’t eaten meat for years prior anyway, but after educating myself about the relationship between caseins in animal products and cancer, I was done. I no longer had the desire to eat animal products that contained casein.

Which means, I continued to eat what I wanted to eat. I did not deprive myself of food that I wanted, because I no longer wanted those foods.

When I posed this celibacy challenge to myself, it was because I did not want a meaningless romantic relationship and/or sex. Therefore, I did not deprive myself of these things.

I’d been wanting to get clear for a while, and whereas a part of me still wanted to smoke weed, the majority of me did not. Quitting became a choice, and I stuck with it.

Replacing my intake of shows with reading and meditation has been one of the most beneficial transitions I’ve gone through. Did I no longer want to watch TV? Nah. I still love to on occasion. As I said on Day 54, I use my shows/movies as laugh-therapy. I enjoy only comedies, and know the laughter I receive from these shows creates happy vibes in my body.

So last night, when I ate the brie, I experienced a range of feelings.

First, when going to purchase the brie, I was giddy. Considering doing this was an exciting adventure, and while paying for these items, I had a huge dopey grin spread across my face.

When I got home, I stuck the baguette in foil and into the oven. Then I danced around while feeding CaliCat, cleaning up a bit, and getting all comfy-cozy—getting everything in order before indulging.

Once everything was ready, I plated it all. Instead of daintily slicing the bread, I tore it with my hands; something inside me felt like a knight at the round table.

Slicing into the brie, I thanked the goats for their milk and sent them well wishes, hoping their living situations were ideal. (Yes, it was a goat milk, Brie cheese.)

Of course, at this point, the nagging voice inside my head that does its best to remind me to keep up with social media, decided it an Instagram photo op, so I captured a few pics.

Once the shoot was done, it was time to indulge.

Cali came up and sat next to me, and I giggled at her—so excited!

And then I did it.

Immediately the baguette took center stage, demanding my mouth’s attention with its crunchy texture and sharp edges. Only after a moment did the mild, gooey brie emerge, teasing my tongue with its buttery texture.

I dolloped a larger portion of brie onto the second bite, and perfection rushed in. The brie lubricated the stiff baguette, making each distinctive texture transform into a creamy, soft, warm orb of delight. Masticating the tough bread became easy as these destined lovers united in the intimate confines of my quickly moistening mouth.

It was all I could do to close my eyes, and stay present with this long awaited reunion with my favorite cheese.

With each bite, I was determined to keep my mind clear and let my senses experience.

Cali thought I was crazy, but she sniffed the air a few times. I knew she was envious.

Sips of wine in between didn’t add much to the fully engaging activity happening between these fated foods. Let’s just say, the French know what’s up.

After eating only a quarter of the mini-wheel of brie, I was done. My body spoke loud and clear. It’d had enough.

I found it to be interesting that I could actually hear my body so clearly.

Throughout the months of eating primarily whole foods, my body has dictated what goes into it.

On Day 63, I talked about how I’ve become a purpose-based eater, meaning that each substance I put into my body serves a purpose.

Of course every night I have treats, but not meaningless treats. Like I eat raw chocolate bars. When cacao (the core of chocolate) is left in raw form, it has tons of amazing nutrients. When it is heated, most of the really fun things in cacao (like anandamide and tryptophan) are cooked off. Guess what else it has? Yup! PEA—the love-chemical. So cool.  Or I’ll have honey as a treat—either my Royal Jelly honey, or Manuka honey. Both are extremely potent and amazing for the body. Apples as a snack give me their life-force energy (since I get local apples that are fresh off the tree).

But instead of allowing my mind’s desire for more brie to win over, I listened to my body and obeyed.

All the time people talk about how expensive it is to eat well. But seriously, find a farmer’s market near you, and as long as you’re not in the heart of L.A., you should be able to bulk up your fridge with local, organic, fresh veggies and fruits for a very reasonable cost (especially when you factor in future medical bills due to eating GMO foods).

I spend $20/week on fruits and veggies, and that’s the main part of my diet, next to eggs and local, non-gmo tofu. Every once in a while I have to spend a pretty penny of bulk nuts with which to prepare certain raw foods, but still, compared to buying cheeses and meats on a regular basis, it’s much less expensive.

But there’s another reason for the lower cost, too.

Plant-based whole foods actual fill you up much more sufficiently than animal products or processed foods. So you’ll find your bill will be cheaper because you won’t need as much in quantity.

Bonus: you drop to your ideal body weight.

And on a primarily plant-based, whole-food lifestyle, never again do you EVER have to consider fats, calories, or anything like that (if you ever considered that in the first place).

I know the way I eat isn’t appropriate for all body-types, but I bet it’s worth asking your body if it’s right for you.

Okay, so I’m a nerd, but we already knew that.

Last night it became apparent to me that fasting create appreciation.

Before February, I took my relationship with cheese for granted.

Not any more. Now, when I choose to experience my long-lost partner in passion, I will be doing so with full presence and participation.

Since my definition for celibacy is expanding to include fasting from distractions, and/or that which does not serve my highest purpose, I believe I am inviting into my life a new level of appreciation for the things I am currently omitting.

What are your thoughts on all this? I’d love to hear them.





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