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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in Celibacy, Change, Chikoko, Connection, Family, Gratitude, Lessons, Life, Love, Presence, Sisterhood, Spirituality | 0 comments

Day 79- United Females Instigate World Peace

Last night I wrote about how fulfilled I felt by dancing with a variety of incredible males.

Yet as my head hit the pillow, I found myself shocked that I didn’t touch on the kindred electricity I experienced in close proximity to the variety of incredible females with whom I was blessed to be in contact yesterday evening.

While lined up, waiting to strut our stuff for the Chikoko Fashion Show, we ladies stood very close to one another—especially when we were mobbing each other to try to get a view of one sexy seamonster’s boobies being lit aflame on stage. During our moments of physical nearness to one another, a feeling of ease vibrated through my body.

Later, upon reflection, I wondered what kind of feminine power we could draw if, throughout the states (or the world?), on a specific day (or days?), at a particular time (or multiple times?) we sisters could come together and stand near each other—side by side, shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand. If we assembled and leaned in, weaving a tightly knit quilt of the stunning female gender, I would guess we’d all feel the ripple of feminine energy pulse throughout the crowd, and I truly wonder what would happen to the collective consciousness of the state/nation/world (/universe?).

I guess I could pass tonight off as offering a random thought—but I feel the power behind this idea.

It makes me wonder how many women would be down to try this as an experiment.

Maybe someday when I get back in front of the camera, I’ll pitch this to a wider audience.

For now, it may just get lost amongst the day-by-day madness that I’ve dubbed a celibacy project.

Tonight, my little female companion is Miss CaliCat, and I’m truly grateful to have her furry being by my side.

Sweet dreams, world …





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