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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in Change, Connection, Conspiracy Craziness, Family, Lessons, Life, References, Responses, Spirituality, Truths | 3 comments

Day 80- The Wachowskis (and Tykwer) Did It Again

God how I wish I could curl up in the minds of Lana and Andy Wachowski. I’d nestle into a comfy pocket of their brains, make myself at home, and watch the genius unravel moment by moment.

Cloud Atlas was insane. I know it was based on a novel that was equally insane. But I haven’t read the novel, so all I can do is speak on the movie.

My God, what a stunning piece.

I feel inspired and empowered to push forth in the revealing of my true character, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

From The Matrix to Cloud Atlas, the messages resonate the same—break out from our bound states of being; watch the interconnectivity of our actions and lives; and stand tall and true in our unified individuality.

Such a flexible reality we live in, and yet, our perceived limitations box us into a realistic construct that does little more than make us feel finite and invisible. Only by witnessing the walls that imprison our belief systems can we then begin to tear them down and spill out into creating a new way of life for ourselves, each other, and all of existence.

On Day 75 I expressed the sentiment of peeling off the body-clothing in which my spirit dwells so as to allow my true self to “come out and play.” Now I feel like flinging the thing to the ground so that I may come fully into the light—into the full expression of the I AM. Yes, the body is the vessel through which we experience our perceived realities, but we can become so attached we can accidentally forget that it is not the whole of who we are …

So a deep “thank you” to the siblings and friend—bold proposers of questions that need to be asked—for bringing to the big screen (and therefore to a wide audience) ideas and perspectives that can rock ones foundation of “reality,” if one were willing to let it.

If you found this response to Cloud Atlas broad and vague, please do yourself a favor and go see the movie (or read the book).







  1. Wow, Giggle <3!

  2. I’m glad you saw it! I watched it a couple weeks ago and immediately thought of you :)

    • That’s awesome you thought of me, David! Yes, saw it and LOVED it—obviously. I think it’s officially my new favorite movie. :)
      And Derek, <3 to you, too.

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