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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Change, Connection, Lessons, Life, Presence, References, Sacred Math, Spirituality | 7 comments

Day 87- The Rebirth of Star-Bridger

Eyes are the gateway to the soul.

We’ve all heard something like this, but the past two nights have been clear examples of just that.

I want to go into detail, or at least give an overview, but I’m having a hard time writing about the past 36 hours. It could be the hour (4:11 a.m.), or the fact that in the past 63 hours I’ve had 9 hours of sleep. Or (and more likely) it’s simply the magnitude of what I’ve experienced in the last two days and nights, which has changed me to my core—or maybe more specifically—has shown me my core.

On Day 84, I talked about how, after so much diving into my spirit and psyche, I’ve only come to find myself at the edge of another rabbit hole. At that point I was referencing information being delivered through the book I’ve been devouring, Ancient Secret of Flower of Life Volume 1 by Drunvalo Melchizedek. But tonight I am feeling that way about personal interactions and experiences.

Something is opening up to me, or I am opening up to something, and it is revealing me to myself more than anything else ever has—at least in this go-round.

I am dancing.

With four eyes, three numbers, two beings, one whole, and an infinity.


There it is.

One may say that is bad math, and it very well could be … But if I said any more, I might make less sense than I already seem to.

What I am stepping into is bigger than I could have imagined …

And yet …

I’ve seen it all along.

How frustrating this vagueness must be.

Let me try again.

I am stepping into my power.

I am understanding its enormity.

I am beginning to remember where I’ve come from, why I’m here, and where I’m going.

The best part is a paradoxical balancing act between the simplicity and complexity behind the knowledge.

Here and now is all I AM.

It is all I ever have been, and all I ever will be.

And yet …

The infinitude of the oneness is blowing my mind—and thank God for that.

After years of wiggling my toes in the water, my foot has slipped, and I’ve caught myself by diving in head first. The plunge is inevitable for a seeker. And trust creates safety in the vastness of the boundless abyss.






  1. Had to read it 4 times, Wow!

    • Derek, so glad you did. Since 2 of the eyes it was 4 were yours … LOVE

  2. Are your eyebrows real or drawn in with a pencil?

    • Hahaha, Rebekah, I’d have to say that is the funniest question I’ve received yet. They are real. In fact, I pretty much go make-up-less most of the time. Thanks for the giggle. <3

  3. what are the three numbers?

    • Joe, your question couldn’t be more perfect. 1, 2, and 3. I’m gonna guess only you and one other person would ask about the numbers … <3

    this was really exciting to read after my visit 😉
    4 eyes…….we gotta talk! the wheels are turning in my head.

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