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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Don't Bother, Food, Life | 1 comment

Day 98- Sweet Sleep

Just as I suspected

Today was amazing, and now I’m exhausted.

After an incredible dinner and a fabulous dessert—an array of sorbets (blood orange, blackberry-cabernet, and pear-ginger) and a goat cheese gelato made with goat’s milk—Roya and I walked around downtown Chico to expend the newly acquired sugary energy flooding our systems. We ended up at my old place of employment, and had a few creative and delicious cocktails in the great company of my longest term Chico buddies. And now I’m tired.

Yay for treats, peeps, and sleep.

Goodnight, world.






1 Comment

  1. I think I might know where you had dinner, if those sorbets are any clue. Yum!

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