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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Business, Change, Connection, Conspiracy Craziness, Food, Life, New Sex, Spirituality | 0 comments

Night 109- I Tried to be Tired

So …

I laid down right after writing that blog post about going to sleep early and resetting my body’s clock.

Almost immediately after I laid down, my neighbor (duplex) came home with a lady. They were laughing and turned on the music. (It was sort of ironic because he is always SO quiet, and he usually goes to bed relatively early.)

Nevertheless, I was able to doze off. It was a light sleep, and I was probably only down for about an hour before finally being distracted enough by the noise to put on some headphones and zone out to some binaural beats. I picked a sleepy tone that resonates in the Delta state—”the brainwave pattern our minds associates with the deepest, dreamless sleep”—in hopes of falling into a deep sleep.

Instead, I meditated—for almost THREE HOURS.

It was pretty amazing. I started to experience the tingle in the base of my spine again, but lost it by focusing too much on intending another “new sex” experience.

A little after midnight, I got up to use the bathroom, and all the noise next door had stopped. So I took the headphones off with the intention of really going to bed.


My mind wouldn’t shut the eff up.

Not just that, but my body was abuzz.

I was fully energized.

Still, I tried.

I figured one of two things could go down tonight. Either, I could stay laying in bed until around 5 a.m., when I would likely fall asleep. I would then perhaps reset my body-clock, and therefore force myself into normal-people’s waking/sleeping hours. Or, I could get up and stay up until I’m tired enough to finally go to sleep (I’d guess anywhere from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.). I’d probably rise around 4 p.m., probably want a nap again in the evening, and basically could do what felt right for my mind, body and spirit right now in my life.

I decided to lay there for a while longer and try again. When attempting to promote this project, there are certain peak hours for posting things on facebook that one needs to be aware of, but if one is not AWAKE during those hours, promotion suffers …

Finally, around 1:30 a.m., I forfeited and got up.

I am now submitting to being in a phase of life revolving around something similar to Biphasic Sleep patterns.

This may change. But for now, it seems to be working for me.

And since this is MY blog, where I get to express myself freely, let me reflect and sound a bit loony for a moment.

I’m gonna wager a guess that my odd sleeping patterns have something to do with the energies being experienced in our world right now. With the recent tragedy in Connecticutthe shifting of the poles, and the anticipation of December 21st, I FEEL different. I FEEL the energy. See, told you I was gonna sound loony for a second.

But seriously. I know other people have been feeling strange over the past few days, too. Yesterday I wrote a bit about it, but I mostly pointed to the Connecticut incident as the cause for melancholy. That was wrong. I think it’s a collection of things that are changing everything on Earth right now—including us—and that the mere energy from these global changes are being felt by EVERYONE.

Some of us are more sensitive to external energies that others, and can sense the changes. All experience them, but some don’t know why they’re feeling the way they feel. That’s why some lash out, and some are sleeping funny, having emotional outbursts, experiencing fluctuations of vitality, etc.

But who knows, this could just be the babble of a little loca lady.

Speaking of which, I’m making soup.

Yes, soup.

The kidney and garbanzo beans have been boiling for about an hour now, so it’s time to throw in the lentils and quinoa, and soon to follow, the farmer’s market fresh veggies. Yum.





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